Friday, 14 January 2011

That time I fixed my Xbox 360

Well guys ever had something break down and thought to yourself "Hmm with some stuff around the house I could probably fix that", well I have meet the Xbox 360.

 I got a 1st generation Xbox 360, I remember a couple of my friends did too, but low and behold 6 months later my 360 got crippled. The DVD drive just stopped, no ejecting, no nothing from it. This is when I decided to 'fix' this piece of shit.

First I took the casing off, then found tools to open the metal case around the innards. Then I got to work 'fixing' the DVD drive and ended up with this:
BEHOLD! I fixed my Xbox 360 with nothing more than sellotape and the nib off a ball point pen. Although this worked it was a pain to change games, so I removed the case of the DVD player and ended up with this:
Pen and sellotape 2.0, this worked better than the first attempt, was easier to change games but sometimes the pen would fail and the disk would shoot off in a random direction, not great when you're online trying to kill some noobs. So my mind worked out that I needed something sticky, strong and reusable. Ding! Bluetac could work...and it did, really good, weirdly good.
Without pen, without sellotape.
Close up as it's spinning.

But in the end after a year of this my 360 got killed off by the 3 red lights, something I didn't even bother trying to fix, I binned it and got myself a PS3 instead.


  1. lol at the last sentences. thats awesome that u could fix it once tho

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