Friday, 14 January 2011

The most surreal, funny thing that has happened to me...

..Well apart from the time I was in Amsterdam and very high but that's a different story.
To get to work I generally get the metro as it's cheap and easy, so one day whilst I was growing my moustache for Movember (see picture)
Yeah not a proper Movember tash but still not too bad
I was waiting at the platform like I always do, just playing Sims bowling on my phone to kill some time, then the metro on the other platform pulls up. I look up at it just to have a quick glance and something catches my eye, a kid, staring at me with a fake moustache. I laughed quite loud and he started twiddling his fake tash, so I started too, then like some weird acid trip two more kids appear sporting fake moustaches as well, twiddling also. This had me laughing and smiling at the absurdity of it all, then the metro pulled away and we waved goodbye.
Was very very weird but made my day.


  1. that is pretty weird. cool though.

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  3. haha that's strange but awesome at the same time, following now.

  4. That is weird...and a bit freaky...great post though, now following and supporting


  5. That's a better tash that I managed for Movember. Of course i chickened out after 5 days so that might be part of it.

  6. That was weird, keep up the great posts. Following!

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  7. Lol was that real or a dream!

    Lol pretty funny.

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  8. You were just high right? Not trippin?
    I'd like to hear more of your funny stories...I've got some myself, but that's not what my blog is for hahaha...Check it out anyway.

  9. I have a mental image of about 50 kids coming out one by one twiddling fake moustaches. I love weird moments like that!

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  11. Kids with moustaches are amazingly funny! were you in the twilight zone or something? Really great blog by the way... it's very interesting. I'll definitely follow. If you have any time check out my poem blog too! Chao!

  12. Hah, in my opinion, it's these small things in life that make life so great. Your story reminds me of some random stuff that I have encountered while just walking in the city for example, it always puts me in a good mood thinking about it :)


  13. hey guy! thanks for checking out my blog, yours looks pretty cool too :) i'll be sure to check back often!

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  14. crazy story,
    I wish i was in Amsterdam and completely blitzed

  15. Damn weird story, pretty crazy. Following you know bro