Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Yeah I know it's been done to death but I haven't had a chance to comment on this yet. I like it but I find it lacking as well, I didn't really play World at War much and played MW2 instead where you had loads of weapons to choose from and where I knew where I was going on the maps. I think I'm still quite a noob at Black Ops for now but I have drastically improved since swapping my light machine gun for a nice little assault rifle, I'm starting to nearly get a 1:1 KDR.
I love the nazi zombies but hate it so much as well, well I don't hate the game but I hate some of the people who play it. I played with a guy the other day that just ran through opening all the doors until the place got flooded with zombies, it was a quick game to say the least. It's 100% better than the co-op multiplayer in MW2 that I played maybe twice.
The textures on small things and glass and walls just seems to look bad, it might just be me but when I'm camping ( yeah people hate it but I get kills ) i usually have a little bit behind a wall just for cover and my TV ends up with  horrible pixely block over 1/4 of it, kind of reminds me of counter strike.
Nearly forgot the single player mode, yeah it's an alright story but nothing that makes you think wow. I did like the voice acting though and the introduction to the crossbow, the actual gameplay I liked too. The end level though...I felt like I was playing a James Bond game but by far the funniest thing for me was when you come out the water at the end, I did think the song from Team America was going to start playing.

America, FUCK YEAH!
But all in all I like this game, I just need more practise. Also I hate attack dogs, so so much.


  1. I keep seeing this pop up all over the place... i'll have to get it when i get my 360 in a couple weeks ;D

  2. yeah attack dogs piss me off too. chopper gunner is the best on small maps though because most players don't carry rocket launchers on nuketown

  3. Good game, good blog!

    Following and supporting.

  4. This game is on like half the blogs I've checked, I need to get it for myself to see what all the hype is about.

  5. This game is everywhere, seriously!

  6. I like it alot more than MW2, that game was just a bunch of tools running around with noob tubes and Commando pro + marathon, BO is almost perfectly balanced in multiplayer

  7. I like it but haven't played it in a while. I also found that you only seem to win in multiplayer if you're using select guns, for example the AK47u