Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Devil!

The foul smelling, fiery beast that taunts you until your will snaps and you converse with it, well not the devil pur-se but it does drain your money and ends up killing or in a way contributing to your death. That's right cigarettes, they had me hooked for 8 years since I was 16, in which I would have spend round about £7000-£8000 on them. They did feel good though I do have to admit that, the first cigarette in the morning felt good, it stopped that achy feeling I got in my chest, woke me up and prepared me for my second one, let me skip breakfast and gave me something to do for 10 minutes every time I had one.

I had tried to quit before a few times, once with the patches with my then girlfriend but the fact my then girlfriend  was there just made me want to smoke which I did about a day later when I bought myself a pack of 10.
When they list the toxins in cigarettes I didn't care, they may as well said there are tiny goblins in it and when you light the tab they get scared and run into your throat, setting up camp in your lungs. The pictures as well done nothing, you see more graphic things on the news and it's easy to get desensitised to it.
But as of the 6th of September 2010 I kicked it and became smoke free ( well as smoke free as you can get when 3 people who you live with smoke themselves ), I've saved a hell of a lot of money, I feel better, colds last not as long and not as bad as they used to be but the thing I find the best is being able to walk up the stairs and not be out of breath when I get to the top.
I'm not going to be one of these people who say quit or die because I know how hard it is and how good it makes you feel but I will say consider it, look at some of the benefits and if you find a reason to do it, go for it with everything you've got, none of this half hearted stuff.


  1. Good for you, could always try e-cgs, just water vapor and gives you nicotine which is about as harmless as caffeine

  2. I'm glad you did it! It is really hard!

  3. I hate cigarettes, I'm proud of you for quitting!

  4. Hello~! Good luck about quitting man. You just have to do it cold turkey nomatter how stressed you are over your girl friend XD

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  5. cigarettes are nasty. Cheers on quitting!

  6. dude good on u :D
    unlike 1/3 of the world :L

  7. I hate when somene smokes near me. Good job quitting.

  8. well done for quitting! Smoking sucks. I hate the smell :(

  9. I'm a smoker. I think its one of the best things I ever did in my life, start smoking that is. It really did increase my quality of life.

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  10. A heartwarming story. I wish you the best of luck and I'll be following your endeavors on this cruel cold internet.

  11. good job. i failed at qiutting